Losing My Religion, er…I mean my Phone

You have to laugh. I was doing some research on addiction – a story about a Poker Player who quits the game. A thought entered my mind – Quit My Phone. I don’t know why, but it did. so I Googled it. This led me to a NY Times article about Phone Addiction. A rabbit hole, although, apparently this is also called a K-Hole. Oh, the things I’m learning. This led me to a setting on my phone called Screen Time. You can set a daily time limit on your phone as to how long you would like to spend on certain apps. I didn’t know you could do this. So I opened it up and, right away, it starts counting time. You’ve been on 1 second, no, 9 seconds etc. Oh, it’s working right as of right now, so I guess it somehow doesn’t count the time before this moment. It’s not like somehow the phone, independant of me, knew I would arrive here someday. So I look at the choices and click “limit social media apps.” It doesn’t show Facebook per se, it just says Social Media. And then you set a limit. The default is 10 minutes, but I knew that wasn’t realistic, so I set 30 minutes. That’s not realistic either, but in my naivete, that’s what I set. Like, let’s see if I could do that. A challenge to myself. I back out, and oh, look at that, some of my apps are already ghosted or greyed. I click on the greyed Facebook app and it opens to a Time Limit screen, and it says “You’ve reached your limit on Facebook.” It also gives you a clickable option to ignore the limit. I back out and look again at the ghosted Facebook icon, and boom, there it is; I feel a loss, a pang of some sort. Uh oh, there’s my addiction. The phone full well knew what I had done today, and dang, according to my own setting, I shouldn’t open it anymore today. Like, hey, I was only playing with this idea of addiction, but what, you can’t even get through the first day? And that makes me laugh, in an embarrassed kind of way. In a room, all by myself. So we’ll see how this goes. And of course, I’m typing this from my laptop, so I wonder if it counts? Maybe my laptop and phone talk to each other on the cloud. “Psst, he’s back on.” “I know. Just try to be supportive. Listen, don’t judge…”


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